Ferrari 250 TR - Ferrari Guinness World Record September 15th 2012

Ferraris, three abreast from the old start line back as far as the eye can see towards Becketts, 964 to be precise and no surprise, mainly red.

Surprisingly not one F50 or 288 GTO do I remember seeing, although I did have a good look round, I may have missed them. I was so surprised how quickly the day flew by, and  with so many people to talk to and cars to see, I didn't even find time to look at the racing.

Shortly after 17:30 we all lined up on the track for our record attempt to begin. It did seem a shame we didn't break the 1000 though, after all, over 1200 cars had pre-   registered. The previous record was 490 at Fuji Speedway.        

Ferrari 250 TR Hanger Straight Silverstone
Click on photo for GWR Silverstone video.
The TR waiting on Hangar Straight half way
between the Bridge and Stowe. 

Ferrari 250 TR Silverstone Wing  

The parade was lead by the Felipe Massa. For me it was quite frustrating traveling around the GP Circuit of Silverstone at such a slow speed, so I can't    imagine how it must have been for a F1 Grand Prix Driver  with a clear track ahead.

It was also strange not to be able to take a racing line through the corners. It was like a mid pack first corner of a race but on every corner, ......three abreast but at what felt like walking pace.

There were still a few people around the track cheering, shouting and waving, so we, Paul my passenger and myself felt compelled to wave back.

From the pit lane we had a particular special seal of approval for the TR and this from the guys racing and preparing some of the most exclusive Ferraris..............  in... the... world.

Paul took this great shot (left) from the cockpit of the TR while on the move. Even though recently I have driven round the GP circuit many times, I've not really noticed this impressive view of the Wing, probably because I would have been concentrating on where to go and where to brake for Club Corner.

I'm sure I can say everyone had a wonderful day creating history with a Guinness World Record for Ferrari cars.

For a great video of the event click HERE or on the top left photo. Watch out for the TR at 1min 19 secs.

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